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Bookshelf Classics is an online bookstore located in New York's Greenwich Village, a stone's throw from Washington Square Park, with focus on important out-of-print and 1st edition photography and fashion books published by and about the most prominent and influential photographers of the 20th century who have made an impact on this art form, as well as current talent that we believe will be tomorrow's legends.  Our holdings also include fiction and collectible non-fiction books, back issue and vintage magazines, ephemera and genuine correspondences from noted personalities in the worlds of literature, politics and entertainment.

Together with stamps and coins, postcards are a prized medium among collectors.  They supplement photographic collections with their extraordinary variety of subject matter, and despite their modest scale, they often achieve an emotional intimacy akin to the finest photographs.  Postcards are highly personal keepsakes linking their senders to their recipients, but they are also records of places, times and tastes at their moments of occurrence.  In their understated way, they represent both art and history.

Whether you interest is in photography books, vintage postcards or ephemera, we offer properly graded material at competitive prices that should exceed your expectations and provide for a rewarding experience.

Please keep in mind that category items represent only a partial listing of our holdings.  In the event that you cannot find your item, contact us using the off-line search form or via email.


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